Actual information

For additional information: +37052337980, +37067436148,

The given information has recommendatory character.


Before departure: 
To take an interest, whether, the countries which you plan to visit are brought in the special list the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Lithuanian Republic;

Closely{Attentively} to study the list of the states, following in which (or through which) for citizens of the Lithuanian Republic of the visa are not necessary if the visa is necessary - to take care of its{her} purchase;

To be convinced, that you have all documents necessary for trip, the working passport or other document certifying the person, suitable for trip, road tickets, an insurance policy, etc. Be convinced, that validity of your passport, the visa, etc. personal and other documents has not expired. Take into account, that some foreign states demand, that the passport was valid not less than three (or even to six) months upon termination of trip;

To insure the health and a life for the period of trip;

To inform family and relatives on a route of your trip, also about all changes of a route and plans during stay abroad. Be convinced, that really is present резервация tickets and hotels for your name. Planning trip, always take into account possible{probable} unforeseen circumstances and possible{probable} delay of vehicles;

To know exact addresses and contact phones of diplomatic representatives and consular establishments of the Lithuanian Republic in the countries which you plan to visit;

To take an interest about recommended immuno-prevention.

During trip: 
To respect laws and customs of a host country which can differ from Laws of the Lithuanian Republic. In some countries presence, the use and transportation of alcoholic drinks is regulated by more strict laws;

During trip always to have with itself personal papers and tickets;

At occurrence of problems for reception of the information immediately address in corresponding diplomatic representatives or consular establishment of the Lithuanian Republic;

In case of misfortune or other urgent and special cases, being in the country where there are no diplomatic or consular establishments of Lithuania, address in a residence of the honourable consul of Lithuania of a host country or other diplomatic representatives and consular establishments of the countries of the European Union.